Global Concerns
We meet to discuss a wide range of topics that are of contemporary global concern. At every meeting we strive to have interesting topics: presentations are given by our own members, or occasionally by external persons. Sometimes we have a film to watch and sometimes we visit an organisation or place relevant to the wide variety of issues we are interested in.
Members are encouraged to select, research and informally present a topic that will stimulate discussion. We discuss subjects that reflect the interests, knowledge and experience from within our very international group.
Contact Info:
Mietta Petronio (Chairperson)
Email: globalconcerns.ziwa@gmail.com
Béatrice Gaillard (Co-chairperson)
Email: beatrice.gaillard.pro@gmail.com

This group is intended for those who seek a deeper understanding of philosophical issues related to humanity, scientific theories, evolution, spirituality, technology and art from a theoretical basis and with a scientific method. At each meeting we will consider a text selected for the occasion and approach it in all its amplitude, ranging from the general to the particular. We meet on the second Wednesday of each month in different locations.
Contact Info:
Isabel de Castillo (Chairperson)
Email: isabeldecast@gmail.com

Cancer Support Group
Members who wish to talk to a friendly, sympathetic member about dealing with cancer of any type can contact us and receive a reply by email. They will be put in touch with one of our members who is best able to help them. A face-to-face meeting can also be arranged.
ZIWA Cancer Support Group offers help to ZIWA members who may find it hard to talk about their worries for any reason.
The Talking About Breast Cancer group will retain its identity and membership list by meeting for a social lunch or tea twice a year.
Our website will continue to be maintained on a monthly basis with news about latest cancer treatments, case histories and positive thoughts.
You can contact us at cancersupport@ziwa.com If you need a friendly person to talk to, or want to share your own experiences and tips for coping with cancer of any type, please do get in touch. A member of our team will reply to your email within a few days. And if you would like to help, let us know.
Contact Info:
Lisa Bond (Chairperson)
Email: cancersupport@ziwa.com
Please note that the ZIWA Cancer Support group cannot be held responsible for any medical information offered by our team or on our website. Our main purpose is sharing, sympathy and support.

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