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Welcome to ZIWA.

Founded in 1985 by 6 women living in Zurich, our association has now grown to include 500 members, representing 48 countries. We are proud of our rich cultural diversity providing an excellent opportunity for our members to network and develop friendships. 
As a member, you have a wonderful opportunity to make new friends as well as discover and share new interests. With over 60 Interest Groups there's virtually "something for everyone". Browse this website to find out more and if you can't find a group that's just perfect for you, then we will even help you to start something new. This unique women's club is up for just about anything. 
There's also the chance to make friends at our meetings and special events which normally take place in a special setting, including Zurich's beautiful Guild Halls, the Opera House, a wine boat and even a TV stations. Inspirational guest speakers or a themed event make these meetings really memorable and we encourage all members to attend.
Affiliated with Open Door, a federation of worldwide clubs, we welcome other International Women’s Associations and their members. There are currently 68 clubs registered in 35 countries. Open Door has enabled us to provide information for members on the move and to introduce new members to ZIWA.
We are a non-profit all-volunteer organisation with no religious or political affiliations. The ZIWA Executive Board is voted in annually and our Constitution was drafted in adherence to the Swiss Civil Code, which governs Vereins in Switzerland.
If you are new to Zürich or have lived here for a long time, a warm welcome awaits you. Come and meet us at our regular get-togethers. These are two weekly coffee meet-ups, commonly referred to here in Zurich as “Stammtisch”. Have a look at our Home page or contact us directly at to get more information and the location of our two Stammtisch meetings.
We look forward to welcoming you to ZIWA.
Sandra Quartermaine

Zurich International Women's Association
8000 Zürich

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