Fun With Photography
You do not need to own a special camera, nor do you need to be a pro. Come join us having fun in discovering the world of photography. We visit exhibitions, enjoy photo walks and like to improve our skills through open feedback and reviews, as well as hands-on photo workshops.
Contact Info:
Anne Zulauf (Chairperson)

On Stage
We are ZIWA's amateur performance society and are committed to promoting the arts such as drama, dancing, reading, poetry, singing, etc. We like to inspire members of all ages to participate or spectate while learning new skills, whether on stage or behind the scenes.
Contact Info:
Blanca Maria Müller Lagunez (Chairperson), Tel: 078 404 19 31

Quilting and Patchwork
We take turns hosting our meetings which will now take place just once a month in the afternoon of the first Thursday. New members are always welcome, as are those who have no experience with patchwork. Members of the group have a wide range of expertise and are always willing to help. Apart from hosting a meeting a couple of times a year, there is no cost. Coffee and cake play a very important part on these occasions – there is something calming and good for the soul to sit, sew and talk, and put the world to rights.
Contact Info:
Jan Hille (Co-chair)
Tel: 044 372 18 17
Marlys Herren (Co-chair)
Tel: 044 784 66 17
Email: marlys.herren@bluewin

Sketching Challenge WhatsApp
A sketch a day for 5 days. Each morning you will receive an announcement of a new theme to inspire a sketch. It's up to you how long you spend and what materials you use, but the challenge is not to miss a day. Then we all share our work on the Sketching Challenge WhatsApp chat. No experience is necessary! There will be a new challenge 4-6 times per year.
Contact Info:
Louise Lambert  (Co-chair)

Sketching and Painting in Parks and Museums
We meet a few times a year to make art, talk about art and share our experiences about art-making. Our aim is to foster a warm, energising, creative atmosphere where nature can be enjoyed and art-making can be explored. Come join the fun. Remember your sketchpads and paints!
Contact Info:
Wendy Cidecyan (Co-chair)
Tel: 079 312 59 87
Kathryn E Bard (Co-chair)
Tel: 044 910 53 63

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