After Work

The after-work group caters for those who have day jobs and are looking to participate in a wide range of after-work activities. Activities that we have organised in the past include chocolate making, guided city walks, taking a tour of the opera house, a visit to the wine boats, seeing a light show and going to the theatre or an art gallery, amongst others. These activities are often followed by a meal or drinks.

The structure of the group is driven by specific events, which all group members can suggest ideas for rather than scheduled monthly meetings. This flexibility allows members to attend events according to their own work schedule and personal interest. Events usually start between 17.00 and 19.00. If you would like to get to know us, please contact one of the following chairpersons:

Contact Info:
Olivia Hall (Chairperson)
Email: livhall_83@hotmail.com
Carolina Ponchione
Email: carolina.ponchione@hotmail.it 

Festivals & Markets

For those interested in seeing all parts of Switzerland and experiencing the many different markets and festivals happening all year long. The aim is to visit one market per month. The trips will occur on different days and sometimes on weekends to include partners.

Contact Info:
Lisa Bond (Co-chair)
Email: Lisa.r.bond@icloud.com

Gardening Group

We meet eight times a year and visit parks, public and private gardens, botanical, landscape and flower gardens, as well as museums and exhibitions related to garden design on different weekdays. 

Elisabeth Fuchs (Chairperson)
Email: efbnb@bluewin.ch

Latin American and Spanish
Our activities cover general topics of interest for the group: visiting exhibitions, seminars, celebrating Christmas, pop-up cafés and chatting about any topic, learning about our mutual cultures, aiming for positive integration into both our group and Swiss society. We are connected to the groups Movies in Spanish and Conversation in Spanish. Some activities are open to husbands and friends – at which time we speak English and German if necessary, of course. We meet several times a year, in varied locations. Advanced Spanish-speaking ZIWA members interested in Latin American and Spanish cultures are welcome.
Contact Info:
Diana Stockmann (Chair)
Email: ddstockmann@bluewin.ch
Carmenza Vasquez (Co-chair)
Email: carmenza.prieto@gmail.com

We meet once a month on a weekday, for the early afternoon showing in cinemas in Zürich. Afterwards we go for a coffee in one of the restaurants close by and discuss the film, and any other topics that might come up! Come and join us, we are a fun group!
Contact Info:
Helga Meyer-Piening (Chairperson)
Email: helga@meyer-piening.ch

Moviegoers in the evening
Once a month we go to the cinema in the evening. The films we watch are shown in the original language (with German and French subtitles). Afterwards we go for a meal or a drink, but you’re not obliged to stay on if you don't have the time!
Contact Info:
Chip Efthymiades (Chairperson)
Email: chip.efthymiades@me.com

Moviegoers at lunchtime
Once a month we go to the cinema at lunchtime. The films we watch are shown in the original language (with German and French subtitles). Afterwards we go for a meal or a drink, but you’re not obliged to stay on if you don't have the time!
Contact Info:
Chip Efthymiades (Chairperson)
Email: chip.efthymiades@me.com

Movies in Spanish
Our group is for members with a good knowledge of Spanish, but it can be good practice for those who want to brush up on the language, while reading the French and German subtitles. We meet in Zürich on different days and times of the week and take the opportunity afterwards to have a drink or a meal together to discuss the movie.
Contact Info:
Helga Meyer-Piening (Chairperson)
Email helga@meyer-piening.ch

Museums, galleries and more
If you enjoy exhibition visits and tours in museums and galleries come and join us. We meet about 10 times a year for events in a relaxed and sociable atmosphere. We often stay in the Zürich area but also travel to exciting art-viewing opportunities across Switzerland.
Everything from modern or classic art to photography and design; each time we share an inspiring experience, enjoy great company and most importantly have lots of fun. 
Contact Info:
Bianca Maria Müller Lagunez (Chairperson)
Phone: 078 404 19 31
Email: bmlagunez@gmail.com

Occasional Grocery Tour
This mini walking tour will take you to a sample of the many and various grocery stores in the city of Zürich that stocks food from around the world. It is designed to give you a glimpse of what is on offer and to find ingredients that are not readily available in the main supermarkets. 
Contact Info:
Elaine Vautier (Chairperson)
Email: elaine@toursareme.com

Occasional Travel Group
You don't have to be alone when travelling. The ZIWA Travel Group organises a programme of visits to interesting places at least once a year. We do all the hard work for you – organising the flights, escorted tours, hotels and meal plans. Maximum enjoyment is what this group is about! Husbands, partners and friends are also welcome.
Contact Info:
Chip Efthymiades (Chairperson)
Email: chip.efthymiades@me.com
Contact Info:
Raquel Schmocker (Chairperson)
Tel: 079 358 90 03
Email: ziwagrupolatinoespanol@gmail.com

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