Cooking and Eating Around the World
ZIWA members are from all over the world and our cuisines are as diversified as we are! We meet about nine times a year either for a cooking demonstration followed by lunch, typically given by one or two members in their own homes or having lunch in restaurants. Together we celebrate Christmas in a restaurant and enjoy a summer pot-luck lunch.
Our group is open to all ZIWA members. Anyone interested in hosting or just enjoying international cuisine is most welcome to join.  
Contact Info:
Lixin Zhang (Chairperson)
Claudine Rüfenacht (Co-chairperson)

Meet and Eat
Our lunches take place in a different member's home, normally on the first Wednesday of each month. The idea is that the hostess provides the apéro, the main course and the wine. Two other guests provide the starter and the dessert. The rest just enjoy the meal that month. The following month, the responsibilities are rotated. We are limited to a group of twelve, but we’re very flexible and a tight squeeze at the table is not a problem for us!
A great way to make friends, try out new dishes and exchange recipes.
Contact Info:
Tootie Lehnherr (Chairperson), Tel: 078 673 9485
Aurorita Hunziker (Co-chairperson), Tel: 079 464 8243

Saturday Wine and Dine

We organise dinners at a restaurant on Saturday evenings where partners are also welcome to join. So come join us for good food and good company. We plan on organizing an event every 4 to 6 weeks.

Chairperson: Rashmi Hahn


Co-Chairperson: Claudine Ruefenacht


Wine Lovers
Do you like to drink a glass or two of wine from time to time? So do we in the Wine Lovers Group. Some of us are experts, some absolute novices, but we all love sharing our knowledge, discovering new wines, grapes, vintages and techniques.
How do I store wine? What does the label mean? Which wine will match which food? Which glasses should I use? How are the grapes cultivated? Barrique, botrytis and brut: what do they all mean? Swirl, smell, savour, spit: is it all necessary? We’ll try to answer some of these questions as we explore the world of wine with trips, tastings and tutorials, but we’ll also make sure that we enjoy ourselves along the way!
We meet about six times a year, weekdays and weekends, days and evenings, sometimes with partners.
Contact Info:
Christine Gilbert (Chairperson), Tel: 078 709 47 14

Taste of Baden.
If you enjoy food and wine then this could be just your thing. Each month we meet for lunch in or around Baden, usually the second Tuesday or occasionally the second Wednesday.
Baden is easily accessible from Zürich and offers an exciting variety of over 20 restaurants with a wide range of Swiss/International/Fusion food. After lunch there is the opportunity to visit one of Baden's museums or explore one of its beautiful walks.
Contact Info:
Elizabeth Callow Wirth (Chairperson)

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