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"Thanks to ZIWA I have made some great friends, visited parts of Switzerland well off the beaten track and enjoyed some fantastic hikes. I love the cross-cultural community atmosphere of ZIWA . I have met women from every corner of the globe, just a great experience all around."  Pamela - Scotland

"Joining ZIWA was the best thing I've done. ZIWA offers an awesome variety of activities and it has helped me to meet women from all over the world . . . many who have become my closest friends here."  Chrysa - Greece

"Great association! I have met many extraordinary women since joining in 2003. I learned a lot and had great fun! In my opinion, if you don’t try at least one interest group, you have missed something in your life."  Francesca - Switzerland

"ZIWA has connected me with women from all over the world who love to hike. Together we've explored this amazing country on foot, developed some wonderful friendships and had many laughs together as we walked along the trails. The ZIWA hiking group has changed my life ….. for the better!"  Margaret - Australia

"The international community of ZIWA and its variety of activities have made each gathering a very enriching experience of my free time. Friendships have developed naturally through connections made among those people who share the same interests together with me."  Nérida - Venezuela  

"Joining ZIWA was the best thing I've done as an Ex-pat. ZIWA offers an awesome variety of activities and has helped me meet the most interesting people from around the world…many who have become my closest friends here."  Robin - USA


"Meeting women from so many different countries is what I appreciate most about ZIWA. The different attitudes and opinions of all these women are a very interesting experience for me. I play badminton with some of them on Monday morning, which is a lot of fun and keeps us fit. Besides this there are many more activities to join and yes, ZIWA is great."  Andrea - Germany / Switzerland

"Since joining ZIWA in November 1985, its multi-cultured members and diverse activities have continued to enrich my life as a woman, wife and mother even as one who comes from an already diverse background. I have witnessed how talents are discovered and nourished, virtues bloomed, human values put to test and won over adversities. ZIWA's history is more colourful than the rainbow."  Zorina - Philippines

"Moving to Zurich? Yes, you have to register at the Kreisburo. Yes, you might consider a beginner's German class. But what you MUST do is join ZIWA! With ZIWA I discovered a morale-boosting circle of kindred spirits whose friendship has made my new home city much more than a beautiful, comfortable place to live."  Sheila - Canada

"Coming to live in a new country was a daunting experience, but ZIWA has enabled me to make the most of living in Switzerland. The knowledge and advice from fellow members has been invaluable and the friendships made will last a lifetime."  Kathryn - United Kingdom

"ZIWA has made a big difference in my life here in Switzerland. ZIWA made me feel welcome and a part of a big family. Through ZIWA I have met some great people from all over the world and I have participated in a lot of great activities around Switzerland. Thank you ZIWA!"  Audrey - Malta

"Joining ZIWA when I moved to Zurich in 2013 enabled me to meet and make new friends and also gave me the opportunity to get to know this beautiful country, thank you!"   Eldor - South Africa 

"Having moved around the world many times makes it difficult to make lasting friendships. ZIWA has made it possible by being a platform for me to meet likeminded people. At the same time I have benefited a lot from the wide cultural diversity of our association and every minute spent with ZIWA is full of exciting experiences."  Gyeweon - South Korea

"ZIWA is "cool"!!! With its members of different nationalities and cultures, it's like touring the world without flying or sailing. The atmosphere in this club is always warm in any weather - human warmth. I am so lucky to belong to this club, which holds a treasure of kind-hearted women who have now become my friends through the years. We would be growing old happy together with ZIWA, because ZIWA cares and it's a very good feeling to be loved."  Aurorita - Philippines 

"ZIWA has been such a great help to me in providing fantastic friends and invaluable information to help me adapt to my new life in this country. The organisation offers a huge variety of activities and it is easy to find the ones that you want to go to regularly or just occasionally, whatever suits. I know that some of the people I have met will be my friends wherever I live in the future."  Deb - United Kingdom

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