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President: Sandra Quartermaine

Nearly 20 years ago I left Canada to join my British husband in Switzerland for an adventure in a land that we now call our home. We’ve raised two daughters here who are now completing their education in the Swiss public schools. After all this time we no longer view ourselves as expats and feel very much at home in this beautiful country. Integration presented a lot of challenges for me, in particular those relating to seeing our children successfully through the local school system. Now that this process is well underway, I feel that I’m in a good position to “give something back”. My background includes experience in research, English writing & editing, and event management. I also have over 15 years’ experience working with boards of directors. I hold a degree in Economics from the University of Alberta in Canada, and more recently I acquired the CELTA qualification to teach English as a second language. Having spent the last year as ZIWA’s board secretary, I’ve been able to gain a good understanding of our association’s operations. Now, with the encouragement and support of what I believe to be a great team of fellow board candidates, I feel ready to take on the challenges as the association’s president.

Treasurer: Amy Yarbrough

I was born and raised in a small town in the state of Louisiana, US. Since married, I’ve had the opportunity to live in many states and spent a couple of years in Denmark. My husband and I moved to Switzerland in December of 2016. We had spent several holidays in Switzerland and were thrilled to have the opportunity to live here. We have three grown daughters and two grandchildren who live in the US. While my daughters were in school, I was very active with the parents associations and volunteered in many sports, educational and charity events. In addition to volunteering, I have also held many titles, all in administrative positions. Having many interests I was thrilled to discover ZIWA, as it offers a variety of activities. I am happy to serve as treasurer of ZIWA and I am looking forward to meeting lots of new faces in the coming year.

Secretary: Elizabeth Halloran

My name is Elizabeth Halloran and I have been a member of ZIWA for the last 9 years, although not an active member. I am Norwegian/English and, most of my adult life, I have been an expat living mainly in various European countries but also in the USA and India. I am married to an Irishman and have three adult children, one studying in Scotland, one working in the UK and one working and living here in Zürich. My academic background is in art history and the decorative arts, but I have not worked in these fields due to travel and family commitments. I am also an English language teacher and, in addition, I share an art studio with two Finnish ladies, in Adliswil. While my children were in international school I was always an active volunteer, not least of all in the PA or PTA, often working as a secretary, so I do have some experience in this area. I look forward to becoming better acquainted with the activities and members of ZIWA in the coming year should the membership be happy to elect me as secretary.

Director of Events: Lixin Zhang

I am Chinese and came to Switzerland 14 years ago with my late English husband and our daughter. I studied English Language & Literature and Film Theory for my bachelor and master degrees but ended up being a businesswoman for almost my entire career. My husband and I ran our own specialty chemical trading company for many years and did import and export business with China. We represented a number of major international chemical companies, selling their products to Chinese textile, chemical, mineral and petrochemical industries. I heard about ZIWA many years ago but did not join until late 2013 when I moved back to Zürich after spending seven years in England for my daughter’s education. I have enjoyed being in ZIWA since. After my husband passed away I decided to close the business in China and focus more on what I enjoy. With more time in hand I would like to follow the footsteps of many ladies who contribute their time and efforts to ZIWA and recently set up a new group, “Cooking Around the World”. Last year I served as the director and seventh member of the Board and am looking forward to the new challenges as director of events.

Director Interest Groups: Maja Jhaveri

I am a Swiss citizen living in Thalwil with my Swiss/American husband. We have two boys in high school. Since 2015, I've been involved with ZIWA and have enjoyed my role in the New Members Welcoming Team over the last two years. My home base is Switzerland but I also have lived in Surrey, UK, for a year where I was introduced to the American Women’s Society, an organization similar to ZIWA. Before that I gained some experience as an expat in Vienna and in the USA. I enjoy interacting with people from different cultures and appreciate their unique perspectives about life. I would like to offer more of my time to ZIWA by increasing my role within this engaging organisation and helping our association succeed in the Zürich region. Currently, I work part-time at Castle’s Language School in Thalwil as the assistant to the principal. I like traveling, reading, classical music and pilates.

Director for Communications: Jane Aragon

I am Filipino-American-British, with a very international background as a daughter of a US military man, and consider London our home base. I have been in Zürich, and with ZIWA, for over three years now. I am here with my husband Dean and three of our five children - all are students at the Zürich International School, while my eldest daughter is in her second year at the London College of Fashion and my eldest son is in his first year at the Berklee College of Music in Boston. Obtaining a Communications degree, I worked in multinational advertising agencies, before our children were born. I have since busied myself with volunteering at various school-parent associations, with the local Catholic church and with international women’s groups. With the many interest groups at ZIWA, you are never short of things to do; it’s more the challenge of fitting it all in! This year I have joined activities with the Ocassionals, Off the Wall, Thalwil Coffee, and the Wine Lovers groups. I also love meeting our new members at the New Members Coffees at Cafe Felix.


Director: Christine Baumann

I have served on the Board for the past two years in the position of president. I was in charge to insure the continuation of the club, to form a well functioning board, to find volunteers for the supporting job’s for the club and to make members from all over the world feel at home in ZIWA. Due to other obligations, I would like to hand the presidency over to a new president. I offer to stay on the board for a third year and move to the position of director, to take on a more supportive role, for the president as well  as for other board members. I can guarantee continuation through my knowledge and experience I gained during the past two years on the board. I also have previous experience in actively participating in several organizations, mainly being president of Spitex for 12 years.

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