Executive Board

Executive Board

Christine Baumann: President

ChristineBaumannI am Swiss and grew up in Basel but moved to Zurich because of my husband’s occupation. After the birth of our three boys, I was teaching part time in Adult education. I have always volunteered in different Associations in Switzerland and abroad. Coming back to Switzerland after having lived in Singapore and New York, I looked for an international environment and found ZIWA, where I offered my help immediately. I was on the board from 1994 to 1998, first as Assistant, then as Director of Monthly Meetings. I felt very comfortable among so many nationalities. In 2000 I became President of the Spitex Organisation in my resident community for 12 years. Due to this engagement, I left ZIWA but rejoined in 2011. Having the time and energy at the moment to dedicate my time once again to ZIWA, I decided to stand for President.

Isabel del Castillo: Treasurer

IsabeldelCastilloBorn in Madrid, I came to Switzerland in 2014. I raised a family in London where I lived for many years. I have a master’s degree in Philosophy and enjoy writing on this topic in my blog. Being a teacher in Secondary and Adult education has been my main career path, although I also worked as a translator and a yoga and meditation teacher. Thanks to a lifetime of volunteering, I have developed skills in broadly varied areas such as accountancy, computers, organization, and social media. Currently, I devote my efforts to projects of community development in India where I visit yearly. For family and business reasons, I also frequently travel to Spain, the UK, Germany, Italy, the USA and Chile.

Susanne Tempus: Secretary

SusanneLike most ZIWA women, I have a very international background. I was born in Denmark but have lived on three continents and in eight different countries since I was fourteen. In 2014, I came back to Zurich together with my husband and three children after six great years in China, and I am now enjoying re-discovering Zurich and Switzerland. I have a degree in art history and I am currently working on a second degree in photography, which keeps me quite busy. However, as the women's associations in the various countries I have lived in have always meant a lot to me, I felt it was time for me to give back to the international community which is the reason I offered to take on the position of secretary to the board.

Lori Bieberstein: Director of Events

LoriBI’m Canadian, married to a Canadian and have two kids, or more appropriately, two adults. We’ve been living in Switzerland for over twenty years now, nine in Aargau close to the town of Baden and the rest of the time in Volketswil in Zurich Oberland. Although I’ve been a ZIWA member for more then twenty years as well, I have only been a really active member for a relatively short while. I’m a faithful member of the badminton group and really enjoy getting up early on Monday mornings and stumbling around the court with like-minded sporty women. This group was my introduction to ZIWA life and it really changed things for me because so many of the current and past players have dedicated a lot of time to helping run things in ZIWA. I’ve recently joined my first book club and participate in many of the Off the Wall activities. I’ve volunteered as one of the Marketing Coordinators for about two years and was an integral part of the team who put the new website together. Currently I am one of three webmasters who keep the website up to date and keep it running smoothly. I’ve really enjoyed working on the website and will be continuing to do so for the near future. It’s been a great learning experience and I’m sure a lot of the skills I’ve picked up will come to good use while planning the next year of exciting events for ZIWA.

Deb Wilson: Director Interest Groups

DebWilsonI am an Australian, married with two children, one who is still attending college in Boston. We moved to Zurich last year for a short 2–3 year assignment before my husband retires. We started our international assignments some 14 years ago with 10 years recently spent in the US, where we intend to retire. I joined ZIWA immediately on my arrival in Zürich. I understand the importance of such organizations having been an expat in Hong Kong and New Jersey. I volunteered for a similar organization and eventually became the President. ZIWA’s interest groups are the core of the organization allowing our members to meet other women who have experienced similar moves and who wish to develop friendships and interests. My most recent job before arriving in Zurich was for a professional membership medical organization with almost 1,000 members. This experience has given me a great understanding of the way volunteer organizations work and, particularly, how important it is to build relationships between the Board and the membership.

Jane Aragon: Director for Communications

JaneBorn in Japan, but originally from the Philippines, I have had a very international upbringing as a US military kid. Moving and change was the one constant that prepared me for the life I now lead. My nomadic adventures, which have brought me to Bangkok, Tokyo, London and now Zurich over these past 12 years, continue with my husband, Dean, and our five children. I earned a Communications degree, having worked in advertising with multinational advertising agencies, before the birth of our children. I have since busied myself with volunteering in various school-parent associations, with the local church and in international women’s groups. After arriving in Zurich last July, I joined ZIWA on the invitation a lovely friend, Maja Jhaveri, whom I met in London. I have since joined the Thalwil Coffees and the monthly Welcome Coffees at Café Felix, the Fun with Photography and the Mah Jong groups, and will be helping at the English Around The World day camp, to start with. I look forward to learning and discovering more of Zurich, Switzerland and its neighboring surroundings with all of you!

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