Executive Board

Executive Board

Christine Baumann: President

ChristineBaumannI am a Swiss citizen and grew up in Basel and moved to Zürich because of my husband. I have been a part time teacher in business administration and HR in parallel of being a mother of three boys. I did a lot of volunteer work in different associations in Switzerland as well as abroad. Coming back to Switzerland after having lived in Singapore and New York I wanted to continue to be part of an international environment and found ZIWA, in which I became a member of the Board, from 1994 to 1998, first as Assistant, then as Director of Monthly Meetings. I felt at ease among so many nationalities and liked to contribute to ZIWA. In the year 2000 I became President of the Spitex Verein in my Gemeinde Zollikon. For 12 years, I got deeply exposed in running a Swiss organisation, with an operating expense level of CHF 1.8 million and a total of 28 employees. Due to this heavy workload I resigned and left ZIWA but rejoined in the year 2011. I am serving on the present ZIWA board as President and I am standing for re-election.

Isabel del Castillo: Treasurer


Born in Madrid, I came to Switzerland in 2014. I raised a family in London where I lived for many years. I have a master’s degree in Philosophy and enjoy writing on this topic in my blog.  Being a teacher in Secondary and Adult education has been my main career path, although I also worked as a translator and a yoga and meditation teacher. Thanks to a lifetime of volunteering, I have developed skills in broadly varied areas such as accountancy, computers, organization, and social media.  Currently, I devote my efforts to projects of community development in India where I visit yearly. For family and business reasons, I also frequently travel to Spain, the UK, Germany, Italy, the USA and Chile.

Sandra Quartermaine: Secretary

Sandra Quartermaine

Nearly 20 years ago I left Canada to join my British husband in Switzerland for an adventure in a land that we now call our home. We’ve raised two daughters here who are now completing their education in the Swiss public schools. After all this time we no longer view ourselves as expats and feel very much at home in this beautiful country. Integration presented a lot of challenges for me, in particular those relating to seeing our children successfully through the local school system. Now that this process is well underway, I feel that I’m in a good position to “give something back”. My background includes experience in research, English writing & editing, and event management. I hold a degree in Economics from the University of Alberta in Canada, and more recently I acquired the CELTA qualification to teach English as a second language. In addition to raising our children, I’ve had a small business offering English writing and editing services to businesses here in Switzerland and latterly, teaching English privately. Now, I look forward to offering my help to ZIWA, an organisation with an important role in supporting women, whether they be expats, immigrants or Swiss nationals with an interest in other cultures. 

Lori Bieberstein: Director of Events

Lori Bieberstein crop

I have really enjoyed being the Director of Events this past year. With so many different cultures, backgrounds and ages within ZIWA, it's a continuous challenge to plan and organise events that will appeal to a large proportion of our membership and offer value for money. This position has lots of variety - coming up with the ideas, planning a budget, scouting out venues and designing the look of the flyers. It all makes it very interesting and challenges my organisational skills - sometimes to the max - while offering a great return when an event is a success and members enjoy themselves. I have learned a lot this past year and have enjoyed being on the inside of the decision circle that helps run our association. It has given me a new appreciation and respect for good diplomacy skills and I have had the honour to work with five very talented women in this department. I still have quite a few ideas I’d like to try out so I’m looking forward to the next ZIWA year and hope you will join me.

Susanne Tempus: Director Interest Group

SusanneMy name is Susanne and I am originally from Copenhagen in Denmark but have been an expat nearly all of my life. My marriage to a Swiss brought me to Zürich the first time in the early 2000s and then again in 2014 after six years in Asia. The first time around, my life mostly evolved around my three children, but now with the two oldest at university and the youngest at boarding school in the UK, I have more time for other projects. That was the reason that I decided to join the board last year as the secretary. It has been a busy year and a lot of fun to work with the other board members, so when Deb Wilson, our present IG director asked if I wanted to take over from her, I was happy to do so. This means that next year I will be working not only with the board but also more closely with the IG chairladies, which I am really looking forward to. When I am not busy with ZIWA, I am meeting with our architect and contractors as we are renovating our house, and I am also trying to find time for my part-time photography studies.

Jane Aragon: Director for Communications

Jane AragonI am Filipino-American-British, with a very international background as a daughter of a US military man, and consider London our home base.  We are now marking the end of our 2nd year in Zürich.  I am here with my husband Dean and four of our five children, who attend the Zürich International School in Adliswil. My eldest daughter is pursuing a degree at the London College of Fashion. Obtaining a Communications degree, I worked in multinational advertising agencies, before our children were born.  I have since busied myself with volunteering at various school-parent associations, with the local Catholic church and with international women’s groups. I have really enjoyed the many and varied activities of ZIWA!  Some of these being: Thalwil coffees, monthly New Members Coffees at Café Felix, Fun with Photography, International Mahjong, Parkside Book Club and the Fitness Walking to name just a few.

Lixin Zhang: Director

Lixin Zhang cropI am Chinese and came to Switzerland 14 years ago with my late English husband and our daughter. I studied English Language & Literature and Film Theory for my bachelor and master degrees but ended up being a businesswoman for almost my entire career. My husband and I ran our own specialty chemical trading company for many years and did import and export business with China. We represented a number of major international chemical companies, selling their products to Chinese textile, chemical, mineral and petrochemical industries. I heard about ZIWA many years ago but did not join until late 2013 when I moved back to Zürich after spending 7 years in England for my daughter’s education. I have enjoyed being in ZIWA since. After my husband passed away I decided to close the business in China and focus more on what I enjoy. With more time in hand I would like to follow the footsteps of many ladies who contribute their time and efforts to ZIWA and recently set up a new group, “Cooking Around the World”.  I am now also ready to take another step forward by joining the board.


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