Our mission is to bring together women of all ages and nationalities to help build friendships, celebrate different cultures and expand our viewpoints.

How do we achieve this?

 Building friendships

  • We welcome all members to join Interest Groups and Monthly Events, where friendships can be built upon common interests.
  • We welcome new members through Newcomers’ Coffees, evening get-togethers and promotional events.
  • We promote communication and dialogue through our monthly newsletter ZIWA News and our website, www.ziwa.com.
 Celebrating cultures
  • We take pride in the diversity of our membership.
  • We offer the opportunity to explore and experience a variety of cultures through our Interest Groups and Events.

 Expanding viewpoints

  • We accept different cultures and views whilst maintaining our individuality.
  • We offer the opportunity to participate in activities in our community, such as our ReachOut programme.

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